Hold onto Him

Energy in MOTION to embrace change

Other Services

Besides the Emotional Logic sessions and seminars, I do other forms of counselling as well as training in Bellville, Cape Town, via telephone or Zoom.

Hope in spite of is a 90-minute lecture without a group discussion. Each person works in a safe space with their own inner world. We look at the impact of disappointments, our preconceived ideas about forgiveness and our fantasies about what will make us happy. The session includes practical work with clay.

Encouragement for the caregiver: how do I take care of myself?

During illness, the focus is often on the patient. Family members are uncertain how to draw boundaries or how to nurture themselves. Caregivers like nursing staff or home caregivers need strategies on the prevention or management of burnout. This is a half day or full day workshop.

Restoring your joy:

A life marked by loss is what we read about in the book of Job in the Bible. How do we deal with loss or a devastating illness? Do I understand and honour my personality and ‘default setting’? What new skills/habits do I need for self-nurturing?

My Hope campaign:

All of us experience a hope-drought from time to time. One day I needed something tangible to serve as an oasis and reminder that hope is very real and powerful. Could there be a way to multiply hope? An idea took shape and a picture was sent to a friend who designs jewelry. My instruction was that the word HOPE should not be engraved on the metal. There must be holes cut in the silver so that the light can shine through. I now wear HOPE every day. I see new hope in people’s eyes when they see my HOPE. 

May God multiply hope through me like Jacob’s spotted and speckled sheep. A new human herd of HOPE. A pendant costs R300 and a set of earrings R360. It can be ordered by email. Courier costs might be applicable. It is made of sterling silver and is not available in shops.