Hold onto Him

Energy in MOTION to embrace change

Other Services

Besides the Emotional Logic sessions and seminars, I do counselling via Zoom, or at a safe physical distance in Bellville, Cape Town.

Online webinars to encourage and equip people:  R50 per webinar per person

Already available:  Energy to embrace change

September:  Selfcare = Soulcare

October:  Disappointments:  Disaster, detour or new destination?

November:  Depression and the threat of suicide.  Equipping the family members with practical skills.

My Hope campaign:

All of us experience a hope-drought from time to time. One day I needed something tangible to serve as an oasis and reminder that hope is very real and powerful. Could there be a way to multiply hope? An idea took shape and a picture was sent to a friend who designs jewelry. My instruction was that the word HOPE should not be engraved on the metal. There must be holes cut in the silver so that the light can shine through. I now wear HOPE every day. I see new hope in people’s eyes when they see my HOPE. 

May God multiply hope through me like Jacob’s spotted and speckled sheep. A new human herd of HOPE. A pendant costs R300 and a set of earrings R360. It can be ordered by email. Courier costs might be applicable. It is made of sterling silver and is not available in shops