MAKING SENSE OF MY GRIEF: To my wise guy, from your funny girl

You did not favour public displays of affection. In the last three years you have become so withdrawn that I, on occasion, did something drastic to elicit a response from you. Like the day when you returned from ten days of work in Pretoria and I came to fetch you at the airport. You would send me a WhatsApp when you got your suitcase and then I would be ready to greet you when you walk through the double doors at Cape Town airport. I waited discreetly until you were five steps away from me. I quickly put the rose I hid behind my back, between my teeth and opened my arms extra wide. You had to burst into laughter at my brave effort. I was your funny girl who could get you to laugh. When we were in the parking garage, I asked you to take a photo that I could send to the children to illustrate your warm welcome.

I found the photo today. What would I not do to be able to fetch you at the airport with a rose between my teeth? Romeo, my Romeo, where art thou?  I know the answer. John 14:2 “In My Father’s house are many mansions; I go to prepare a place for you.”

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