MAKING SENSE OF MY GRIEF: Faith that my mess will become my message

I love paintings. Art with a message that acts as a declaration. Like this beautiful one of my friend Helena van der Nest.

At the moment, the canvas of my life is in turmoil. It seems like someone kicked over a can of paint and it spilled out and made a mess. God is in the business of makeovers. I trust Him to turn my mess into my message. That beautiful song of Julie Meyer is on continuous play as my prayer today.

Paint Your Picture/The Paintbrush
Julie Meyer

Pick me up like a paintbrush, God
Dip it in the colours of my life
Paint Your picture, Father
And fashion a heart that is wholly Yours
Take Your fingers, God
Master Potter, Come mould the clay
Tell Your story
As You mould me
Fashion a heart that is wholly Yours
And write your name, write Your name
In the clay
And sign Your name, sign Your name
On the picture

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